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Company Profile
   Niflon Laboratories (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a Japanese-funded company specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of fluorine polymer materials. Headquartered in Tokyo, Niflon is an optimization expert of filled fluorine products that largely focuses on the research, development and manufacturing of PTFE polymers and fluoride-based fine chemicals.
   We boast a team of seasoned Japanese experts who have been involved in the fluoride Industry for as long as 40 years, and world-class production lines and cutting-edge quality control and testing equipment imported from Japan. We meet the high standard and diversified needs of customers by strictly observing global quality standards and providing customers with the best after-sales service possible.

   Our track record:
   ● Obtained License for Directly Importing Goods into China by Overseas Enterprises,
        issued by China's State Environmental Protection Administration;
   ● Authenticated by ISO9001 Quality Control System and ISO 14001 Environmental
        Management System;
   ● A member of Fluoroplastics Processing Subcommittee China Plastics Processing
         Industry Association;
   ● A member of China Association of Fluorine and Silicone Material Industry;
   ● An Outstanding Member of Japan Plastics Industry Association;
   ● A member of Japan Fluoride Industry Association
 leading the R&D and manufacturing of cutting-edge fluorine products in China

Environment policy
 protecting the eco-system by observing environment protection principles and conserving  resources.

Corporate philosophy
 Pragmatism, innovation, dedication, and philanthropy.

Management Guidelines
 Technology, quality, efficiency, and services.

Corporate culture
 Developing the business by using science and technology, and promoting the growth of the  humanistic and corporate value;
 Valuing innovation, dedication and the synchronized achievement of corporate and social  values;
 Highlighting the pursuit of career, and the fact that an abundant life comes from hard  work;
 Cherishing personal abilities, perseverance, wisdom and determination, and teamwork
 Upholding rational analysis and effectiveness, as well as a sense of responsibility for  the company and the society at large.


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